When considering how to best prevent weeds and crabgrass from overtaking your lawn, timing is crucial. Putting down pre-emergent when it first appears is not the answer, as by this time some crabgrass seedlings have already sprouted and cannot be controlled by pre-emergent chemicals.

Therefore, applying pre-emergent may kill crabgrass that has already sprouted, but any seeds it has left behind will inevitability sprout next spring. In an effort to avoid this scenario, Emerald Companies (MN) advises having a team of experts perform a series of spring clean up tasks for your lawn, including power raking, using fertilizer to rejuvenate bald patches, the spreading  of spring seeding and dethatching, followed by the application of pre-emergent chemicals, The earlier in the spring this is done the better.

An extensive procedure such as this can protect your lawn for months to come and cause fewer headaches later in the year. Call Emerald Companies (St Cloud MN) (320) 251-5296 for more information.