Winter in the St. Cloud area this year has been marked by generally mild temperatures with 4-5 cold days within a two week period. Such weather is ideal for shrub trimming. The lack of snowfall combined with the fact that shrubs are dormant this time of year means preliminary trimming can occur with minimal chance of damage to the surrounding plant life.

Emerald Companies (St. Cloud MN) has a rapidly filling schedule of February jobs, so if you are interested in having your landscaping looked at, please call as soon as possible.

Generally most landscaping projects can begin after the first thaw with the installation of landscaping edging. This usually requires two weeks of planning prior to the official start of the project. Emerald Companies recommends having one of our experts come out to observe your yard in person and finalize measurements along with other aspects of your project.

We might be able to start on your landscape project sooner than you think! Call Emerald Companies today (320) 251-5296.