You say to yourself…it’s all grass, what’s the big deal? But do you find yourself trying to get your lawn to grow? Are you not sure why your neighbors lawn looks so much better/healthier than yours?

Emerald Companies (St Cloud, MN) offers customization for lawn growth. Emerald Companies personally visits each lawn and creates a plan to meet the needs of your lawn.

For example, if your lawn is not responding well to any liquid applications, then we look at possibly switching over to a granular program of similar quality of product. The granular form of the lawn treatment may be successful for your lawn, because you’re not going to have to worry about it latching onto the soil as much. If your lawn is known to be stubborn when it comes to lawn applications, we may have the solution for you.

If you have a healthy lawn and you want to maintain it, as little as four weed n feed treatments could keep your lawn healthy and looking great. If you have issues going on with your lawn, five or six application may be the solution for you.

Call Emerald Companies (St Cloud, MN) to find out what your lawn needs to look beautiful and be healthy all summer long.