Weed N Feed Application Process – Get rid of weeds with a customized plan from Emerald Companies.

Book and prepay by March 31st and get automatically upgraded to the highest service level of Weed and Feed (with the purchase of five applications).  What does a season of Weed and Feed look like for your lawn? Six service visits, soil testing for additional accuracy in customization of your plan. Emerald Companies analyze the macro nutrients in your lawn to help your grass grow (included in every package). 

The automatic weed and feed package upgrade allows Emerald Companies St Cloud the opportunity to aggressively improve your lawn. Increased frequency of visits, additional products (as needed), custom soil amendments addressing specific concerns, and adjusting of macro nutrients to help your grass grow beautifully.

The base Weed and Feed package allows the basic maintenance for your lawn. The base package includes 4 applications. Five applications allows for lawn improvement – which your neighbors will be sure to notice. The highest application package (free with prepayment by March 31st) will allow for aggressive improvement for your lawn – fixing problem areas and overall areas of concern.

Contact Emerald Companies today to book and prepay for your Weed and Feed package today!