As crazy as it sounds, there have been rumors that due to light snowfall and less snow melt this spring, there may be an unprecedented water shortage in the St. Cloud area. Emerald Companies is here to address your concerns! Firstly, we feel that a water shortage is unlikely, but even if it becomes a factor when the weather warms up, you can trust the experts at Emerald Companies to keep your lawn in peak condition. Did you know that over-watering is just as much of an issue as drought conditions? The fact is, lawns can thrive being watered every other day. The difference is in the fertilizing. The experts at Emerald know how to treat your lawn from the roots up, and the right fertilizer is essential to lawn health as much as hydration. The perfect fertilizer can even keep your lawn healthy with just normal amounts of rainfall. Don’t trust just anyone with your lawn care. Trust the experts at Emerald Companies. Call (320)-251-5296 today and get started on your best lawn yet!