Did you know the nation ran out of street salt? People don’t think about it or are aware that the government has the opportunity to exercise the right to purchase extra salt (if needed) so contractors can’t buy it. This is the case this winter, and no more salt is available for private contractors. You should be aware of this fact, because contractors (such as Emerald Companies) are forced to focus on high traffic areas more than back corners of parking lots and walkways. We Minnesotans all have to work together to get through the rest of the winter – free of slips, falls, and collisions. 

Just to put this information into perspective, this winter we’ve gone through almost 250 tons of salt, and have approximately 50-60 on hand right now. 

As professional snow removers, it’s one of those winters Emerald Companies will not be getting any more salt in. If you have questions about the salt application in our area, call (320) 251-5296 and get more details.