An integral part of the spring cleanup service is a dethatching. The intention of dethatching is to remove the excess thatch, because a certain amount of thatch is beneficial for the turf health; but de-thatching, in essence, removes the excess thatch. You may have heard/red information surrounding “power raking” versus using dethatching tines. 

Emerald Companies (St Cloud MN) uses dethatching tines, because it’s gentler on the turf, it does the job, and it doesn’t pull out most of the thatch or as many of the beneficial grass plants that power raking does. And, further, power raking exposes a significant amount of soil, because it takes so much out of the lawn you’re susceptible to weeds throughout the entire season. And that’s certainly not a way that you want to start out your spring.

If you find yourself having to power rake – possibly because of an excessive amount of thatch or your lawn is spongy – that’s one of the telltale signs. If you step on it and it just feels like a sponge. If you have to power rake to take care of that – do it in the fall. Then you’re not fighting with the weeds; because then the temperatures are cool enough where the weed seeds aren’t germinating to the degree that they are in the spring or throughout the summer. Contact the experts at Emerald Companies (St Cloud MN) (320) 251-5296 for more information.