You may think your dandelions are gone, but they are the silent lurkers. Never fear! Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN) are the dandelion experts and no weed, no matter how stubborn, is a match for our experts. At Emerald Companies, we understand how dandelions work. In the colder months they are dormant, but like hostas, they are perennials. Warmer weather causes them to pop back up. Spring and summer are the ideal times to kill them, when they are taking in nutrients. Spraying them during the summer is ineffective and just a waste of chemicals. With proper treatment from Emerald Companies, you will win the battle with dandelions and see fewer and fewer every year. Trust the experts at Emerald to get your lawn in peak condition year after year. We know which weeds and grasses are annual and which are perennial and treat them accordingly. Call today (320) 251-5296 and get started on your best yard yet.