Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN) is always on hand to give you the best possible landscaping for your home. If you’re not sure what your lawn needs during these dry summer months, Emerald has a few suggestions for doing your own water audit. One of these is placing several buckets 10 and 15 feet away from your sprinklers and running them for ½ hour. Measure how much water is in each bucket. A good rule of thumb in very general terms is to water 1″ per week, in order to soak about 5-6 inches down. Rainwater, of course, is best, but supplemental watering is best done in spaced intervals, not every day. When lawns get stressed, they get a darker tinge on top. This isn’t a reason to panic, merely the sign that it needs more water. Call Emerald today (320)-251-5296 and set up your free consultation. We look forward to greening you!