The Christmas season is now over. There may have been heavy foot traffic in and out of your building. As a property manager were you concerned about getting sued because of icy conditions on your parking lot and sidewalks?

By having bare pavement and having safe conditions, it eliminates a lot of headaches down the road. As a business owner or property manager, it’s all about taking care of the parking lot and sidewalk conditions in front of your building. As you know, it’s just a lot simpler if there’s absolutely nothing to slip on. If nobody can slip, then you don’t have to worry.

That’s where Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN) comes in. We bring a level of dedication to you our customer. We want you to demand high levels of service, because that’s what we deliver. We want you to be happy and proud of the front of your business – every day of the year. We don’t want you to spend your time worrying about liabilities with the conditions – we want you inside growing your business and supporting the community we love. If you would like to visit with us about the conditions outside your business, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.