At Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN) we don’t simply treat your lawn—we maintain it. Our philosophy at Emerald is to give you what you want, and we will make sure that you get it. Healthy lawns don’t just happen, they need upkeep and long-term planning. At Emerald Companies, we support you with a program, not just a visit. Our experienced staff at Emerald factors in all the different variables that affect your lawn such as soil type, weather, irrigation, and even the neighbor’s weed situation. Building your lawn up takes time and effort, and at Emerald, that is what we do. We walk you through your options and come up with a maintenance plan that makes your lawn the healthiest from the ground up. Nutrition is a key factor in nurturing your lawn, and Emerald offers a variety of solutions depending on your lawn conditions. What are you waiting for? Give your lawn the buddy system it deserves with Emerald Companies. Call (320)-251-5296 today for your free estimate.