Spring cleanup is not too far out – start thinking about it! Emerald Companies is a full service lawn maintenance company that offers your lawn everything it needs to look and feel beautiful (while being healthy) all summer long. 

Do you have a backpack blower? A mower with dethatching tines? We know there are a lot of great DIYers out there in our area that do a fantastic job with their lawn maintenance. Sometimes, when it comes to spring clean up – you just don’t have the professional equipment to get the job done right. If you are more than happy to mow your own lawn on a weekly basis, but you don’t do their own spring cleanup because it’s just a lot of work and/or you don’t have the right equipment, give us a call.

What does spring clean up consist of when working with Emerald Companies (St Cloud MN)? It’s blowing leaves out from underneath shrubs, out of rocks, out from underneath the decks, away from homes. Its vacuuming the lawn. It’s vacuuming up the leaf debris on the lawn. It’s detaching (if needed); and its cutting the lawn for the first time. Leaving everything is set to go for when the grass starts growing, and then Emerald Companies or yourself take over mowing on a weekly basis.