Now is the time to think about repairing that winter damage to your lawn. Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN) wants to remind you of a few basics. When your lawn first emerges with spring melt, remember that less is more. It’s tempting to want to rake up the dry brown grass, but you risk pulling it up by the roots. Better to wait and let nature take its course. Our expert staff at Emerald Companies will come out and assess when it’s time for pre-emergent. Pre-emergent can be applied even when it’s drizzling, and cooler weather that leaves your yard around 55 degrees is ideal. There is still time to get on our list to get your pre-emergent down! Post-emergent needs drier weather—it needs to stay dry on the leaf to do its job. A good rule of thumb is when the lilacs start to bloom, your post-emergent window is closing. If this all sounds confusing, never fear! Emerald Companies takes care of the heavy lifting for you and walks you through all the terminology for your lawn. Call today and get on our books for your spring greening: (320) 251-5296.