Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN), your lawn care experts, understand how dandelions grow and spread. Dandelions are perennials, like hostas, so they will keep coming back. Spring and fall are the best times to kill them, when they are taking in nutrients. As long as you don’t have a neighbor with a dandelion field, you CAN get them under control with some time and effort. Emerald Companies is here to help! In cooler times, the plants are dormant. When it warms up, they pop up. Now is the time to get them under control and reduce their numbers. Emerald doesn’t blanket spray and waste chemicals in the summertime. Our goal is to reduce the use of chemicals and only use them at appropriate and effective times. Trust the experts at Emerald. Call (320)-251-5296 today and set up your free consultation. No ‘lion!