Does the snow (or lack of) affect your lawn differently this year?

January is typically one of the colder months in Central Minnesota. This season, with little to no snow cover, grass lacks the insulation that the snow provides. And that is where you could get a lot of winter kill – from the grass being exposed to the elements. Sometimes, even plants that are quite mature can experience winter kill.

A couple of years ago, we had about twenty to twenty three inches of snow over the course of an entire season. In the St. Cloud area there were many maple trees where the tops of the crowns were dead in the spring. That was a direct result of the roots not having enough insulation covering them.

How do you remedy your lawn from a harsh winter? It’s a correctable problem, you just need to be prepared with a strong grass plant. And…it’s early in the winter season. There’s plenty of time for more snow. Hopefully the St. Cloud area gets at least a few inches on the ground in the end of January. Stay tuned for more information on lawn preparation for the spring – we are busy planning for it!