After one of the most brutal winters in recent memory, it may be tempting to enjoy the warm weather by just sitting on your deck and reading a good book, but be warned: mosquito season is here.  Emerald Companies  (St Cloud, MN) can help combat mosquito breeding in your yard by coating shrubs, trees and any neighboring wood lines with a fine mist that keeps mosquitoes at bay.

You can reduce the risk of a mosquito infestation near your home by carefully surveying your yard and garage for the presence of standing water. Standing water creates a natural breeding ground for mosquitoes. Remove standing water in old bird baths, rain barrels, tire swings etc.

Simply drying out damp areas around your property is a cost effective way to control the growth of the mosquito population around your house.  With the help of Emerald Companies, you can enjoy a productive and mosquito free summer.

Contact the experts at Emerald Companies (320) 251-5296 for more information on how to protect yourself against mosquitoes.