Emerald Companies (St. Cloud MN) tripled its Christmas light business in 2013 and will be starting a month earlier than usual this year to meet consumer demand. Whether you’re interested in having the tree outside your business professionally decorated, or believe your business has a holiday lighting scheme in need of an overhaul,  take comfort in knowing Emerald Companies is serious about Christmas light displays.

Last season, Freeport State Bank Branch commissioned Emerald Companies to decorate all of their branch locations with custom outdoor Christmas light displays. The tree at the main branch was lavishly decorated in spite of bitterly cold temperatures, nearly 20 degrees below zero. 

Emerald Companies’ installation job was viewed by Freeport State Bank as a key factor in making their gift to the surrounding community a success. Freeport State Bank’s branches have always been known for their thoughtful Christmas light displays, but they turned to Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN) to help them create a display which reflected their commitment to the community.

Are you a business owner who would like to get a jump on the completion and create a Christmas light display which truly exemplifies a commitment to your community? Please call us at 320-251-5296 and share some of your ideas.