You see your neighbors out putting various applications on their lawn. But…how many applications is too many? How many become harmful to the turf?

Emerald Companies creates lawn treatment programs that meet the needs of your turf. We don’t over apply and we don’t under apply.

Some lawns are good with four treatments, because our clients enjoy maintaining their own lawn. Maybe you’ve got a healthy lawn and this program would work great for you.

Some people have issues going on with their lawn and might need five or six applications to get their lawn looking and feeling great.

Whether you are dealing with an established lawn, new grass, weed killer, fertilizer, or some other variable – Emerald Companies has the customized plan that best meets the needs of your lawn.

To discuss the needs of your lawn, please give us a call (320) 251-5296 and we will create a customized plan for your specific yard. Happy Spring and we look forward to hearing from you!