So, you think you might have dead grass under what little snow you see in your yard – what do you do? When do you fix the problem? How do you start?

The solution is having a stronger grass plant this season. Which is exactly what the Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN) Weed N’ Seed program focuses on.

The difference between our program and our competitors is clear. Other companies offer a fertilizing program that does nothing but produce immediate visual results. Emerald Companies lawn maintenance produces a stronger grass plant with a good root system, and consequently, good visual results – over the course of more time. But nonetheless, with better long-term results. Having a healthier plant is always going to be a win for you the homeowner.

Because we are dealing with Mother Nature with it comes to your lawn care, anything can happen! Some cases we will come and support your lawn by re-seeding in the spring to repair the areas that were damaged – because of the lack of snow cover.

If you are thinking about the snow cover and how it will affect your lawn this spring, give us a call to visit about options – and make 2015 the year of your lawn!