Mulch keeps water from rapidly evaporating from soil and also reduces the occurrence of weeds, which in turn helps produce stronger roots. Emerald Companies (St Cloud MN) recommends laying down 1.5-2 inches of top dressing mulch here early in the spring to jumpstart your landscaping projects.  

For those looking for a specific mulch color, Emerald Companies offers red, orange, gold, and brown varieties to match the surrounding environment. Buy it in bulk and let the pros at Emerald Companies (St Cloud MN) deliver and install your mulch quickly and easily! One application is all that’s needed to achieve great post-summer results!

Call Now for a Free estimate. As part of a spring special, new Emerald Companies customers will receive a  free estimate for lawn care! Call (320) 251-5296 today to take the first step towards a green, healthy lawn!