There is of course many reasons to trim your shrubs and keep your landscape looking beautiful. If you have overgrown shrubs and plants that need some TLC, contact the experts at Emerald Companies in Waite Park MN for the help your shrubs desperately need. 

Reasons for pruning

Prune to promote plant health

  • Remove dead or dying branches injured by disease, severe insect infestation, animals, storms, or other adverse mechanical damage.
  • Remove branches and branch stubs that rub together.

Avoid topping trees. Removing large branches leaves stubs that can cause several health problems. It also destroys the plant’s natural shape and promotes suckering and development of weak branch structure.

Prune to maintain plants; intended purposes in a landscape, such as:

  • encouraging flower and fruit development,
  • maintaining a dense hedge, or
  • maintaining a desired tree form or special garden forms.

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