If you feel as though you are in your element outside doing yard work, you owe it to yourself to freshen up your lawn this spring with the help of Emerald Companies’ (St. Cloud, MN) Weed N’ Feed and landscaping services. A basic Weed N Feed package involves 4 spray applications, whereas the premiere application package includes 6 Weed N Feed applications and a personalized improvement plan for your lawn. Customized soil amendments address specific areas of concern in your lawn while the periodic adjustment of macro nutrients promotes healthy grass growth.

Emerald Companies’ spring cleaning package aims to clear the clutter out of your yard and the surrounding area by blowing out rock beds, deck areas and hard to reach places with a rake, followed by a quick vacuuming of the renovated area. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about removing unsightly dead perennials or similar material from your landscaping in the aftermath of our spring cleaning service. We do it ourselves at no additional cost.

Treat your lawn right this season by giving Emerald Companies a call at (320) 251-5296.