Do you appreciate snowfall in your backyard because of the way it hides cracks in the rock bed landscaping around your home, debris that has gradually accumulated under the deck, and all other harsh reminders of what you’ll have to do to resuscitate your lawn come springtime?

Let Emerald Companies (St Cloud, MN) get your lawn back into fighting shape with our comprehensive spring cleaning package. It includes blowing out rock beds, deck areas and hard to reach places with a rake, followed by a quick vacuuming of the renovated area. At this point, the lawn is mowed and de-thatched if necessary, thereby giving fresh grass plenty of space to grow. All you have to do to maintain the beautiful look of your newly revamped lawn is mow regularly.

By choosing Emerald Companies, you won’t have to worry about removing unsightly dead perennials or similar material from your landscaping in the aftermath of our spring cleaning service. We do this ourselves at no additional cost, because we realize the negative effect one out of place plant can have on landscaping. Contact Emerald Companies today at (320) 251-5296 to schedule an appointment.