A mild winter in the St. Cloud area means the timetable for spring and summer lawn projects can officially be moved up.

Here at Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN) we abide by the principle that it’s never too early to start shaping your lawn–weather permitting–however you see fit. That’s why Emerald Companies is proud to offer a special 10% discount on all work done in the month of February!

Whether the project involves basic shrub trimming and maintenance, clearing out assorted materials from your yard, or pet waste removal, Emerald Companies can be relied upon to do the job in a quick, efficient manner. This is also the perfect time of year to trim any trees on your property with low hanging branches or schedule a landscaping consultation.

Get a head start on your lawn projects now and have your yard looking great by spring. Call Emerald Companies today (320) 251-5296 for more information.