Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN) has the trusted expert staff to address all your lawn issues. This time of year you may notice fungus forming, spots, dead patches, or weaker growth in the shade. Whatever the issue, Emerald has the solution, and fall is the ideal time to address it. You may need aeration if you’re overwatering or your lawn is suffering from excess humidity and hotter nights. Emerald also offers superior fertilizer and weed control, nurturing your lawn from the ground up. Better products yield better results. Emerald also offer soil amendments, which are products that help the grass grow stronger and more resilient. Healthy lawns don’t just happen. Trust the experts at Emerald to get your lawn in the best possible shape, no matter your starting point. Call (320)-251-5296 today and set up your free consultation. Your lawn problems are solved with Emerald Companies.