With spring just around the corner, Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN) know now is the time to start planning your lawn improvements. The strongest start you can give your lawn is our signature Feed-N-Weed with Emerald. Contrary to popular belief, the right feed for your lawn is the most crucial step in this process, heading off weeds before they even crop up! The experts at Emerald have just the right fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy from the roots up, which gives your lawn the strongest, lushest growth that has no room for weeds. All living things need the right food to thrive, and your lawn is no different! All you need are the best products and the experts at Emerald to turn your lawn into the beautiful, healthy landscape of your dreams. Invest in your best lawn this year and experience the Emerald difference! Call (320)-251-5296 today for your free estimate.