Are you tired of weeds taking over your lawn? Fall is the prime time for weed control. Emerald Companies is here for your lawn care maintenance. St. Cloud residents can benefit from our years of expertise when it comes to battling weeds.

Weeds are Vulnerable in the Fall
During the fall months, weeds are busy soaking up as many nutrients as they can get so they can survive the winter. It is far easier for weeds to take in weed-killing products in the fall because they are already very active. This means less product is used and your lawn is exposed to fewer chemicals.

Say Goodbye to Dandelions
Fall is also a great time to start tackling those perennials weeds like dandelion. Having central Minnesota lawn experts like Emerald Companies come in at the appropriate times each year will reduce the amount of weeds you see in the future.

If you want a healthy lawn, St. Cloud specialists at Emerald Companies will be at your door to strengthen your lawn against weeds.