Fall is a magical time in the St. Cloud area. Our stunning color shows and crisp weather make for a lovely season. Unfortunately, fall “leaves” us with a lot of cleanup. That’s where Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN) comes in! Emerald takes pride in keeping your yard in the best condition no matter the season, so be sure to schedule your fall cleanup with Emerald Companies. We’ll take care of winterizing your lawn, mowing it down short, and vacuuming up leaves. Emerald will blow out excess leaves under and around structures as well, such as rock beds and shrubs, and haul them offsite. Even better, Emerald partners with a local farmer to naturally dispose of the leaves and use them for farming purposes such as bedding or out in the fields. At Emerald, we care about the environment, and recycling leaves is just one way we keep our commitment to being green. Trust your St. Cloud lawn care and yard cleanup to the experts at Emerald Companies. Call (320) 251-5296 today and schedule your free consultation.