Fall is a great time for many lawn projects, including getting your lawn established. If your lawn is in major need of seeding and sodding, your central Minnesota lawn experts at Emerald Companies can help.

Improper Seeding and Sodding Means a Bad Lawn
When it comes to a completely new installation, the importance of proper seeding and sodding can’t be stressed enough. There’s no doubt that you have seen the result of poor seeding and sodding at some point, whether the victim was your neighbor’s lawn or perhaps even your own.

The Importance of Great Sod Preparation
Many times, sod fails because it was not installed properly, not because the sod itself was the issue. When the soil underneath the sod has been prepared appropriately, the sod will have a greater likelihood of adhering and establishing roots quickly.

If you want to know more about new installations contact our team at Emerald Companies. St. Cloud lawn experts who have the tools and experience are ready and waiting to help.