Did you know…Emerald Companies prides ourselves in being a progressive company that uses more environmentally beneficial programs for your grass and plants? Emerald Companies lawn maintenance plans not only help reduce water, but we also help reduce nitrogen into the environment. Taking care of the environment is just as important to us as taking care of your lawn. We take the necessary steps to make sure the products we use do the job and have a positive effect on the environment.

Wondering what your lawn needs? Wondering how to improve the health of your lawn while being conscious of what you are putting on your lawn? Emerald Companies maintenance programs are customized to your lawn’s needs – depending on several variables.

Have you tried liquid applications on your lawn and it’s not responding well? That can happen – Emerald Companies can provide alternative programs to support the growth and health of your lawn. High quality products are used no matter what form – from liquid application to granular programs – we look at your lawn and create the program that will get your lawn healthy and thriving.

Call Emerald Companies today (320) 251-5296 to see what type of environmentally beneficial application would be best for your lawn.