When considering the Christmas lighting design you want for your home this season, it’s tempting to just look across the street and work on trying to emulate that design. Not only is this approach time consuming, but it also fails to account for features that are unique to your home.

Let the design experts at Emerald Companies (St. Cloud, MN) create a customized Christmas lighting design that takes full advantage of your home’s exterior. When you call us, be prepared to give a brief overview of the type of custom design you’re looking for and any other concerns you have. At this point a face to face meeting is necessary to get a better understanding of the layout of your home and how we can best incorporate your specific design.

Do you have aspirations of doing an elaborate design this year that tops all your previous efforts? For the best results we recommended you call as early as possible. Contact Emerald Companies today at 320-251-5296 and tell us about some of your design ideas!