As the summer heat wraps up and the cool and rainy fall weather approaches, don’t forget to schedule your annual lawn aeration. For a healthy lawn, St. Cloud homeowners should call Emerald Companies. We are your trusted central Minnesota lawn experts.

Annual Aeration is Best
Whether you have clay soil or sandy soil or something in between, aeration is an integral step in maintaining your lawn’s health. Although sandy soil lawns might not need to be aerated as frequently, we still recommend a minimum of one treatment a year.

Easy and Affordable
Aeration is one of the easiest and most affordable preventative measures you can take to keep your lawn free from disease. Better yet, aeration does not require the use of any chemicals.

Fall is the Season for Aeration
Fall is an ideal time for aeration because cooler temperatures and more rainfall help keep your soil hydrated. If you haven’t had your lawn aerated yet this year or you are in need of lawn care, St. Cloud lawn experts at Emerald Companies can help.