Emerald Companies (St Cloud, MN), is a progressive company using more environmentally beneficial programs for your lawn. More beneficial programs for your grass and plants that help reduce water, while reducing nitrogen into the environment.

Weed N Feed can be the key to your lawn this summer. But when does your lawn actually need to be treated? Contact the experts at Emerald Companies (St Cloud, MN) for details on the best time to start treating your lawn. Professional analysis of your lawn and soil composition can be the difference between a lawn full of weeds and patches or a beautifully plush green lawn.

Different Weed N Feed packages are currently available to meet the needs of your budget and lawn. Not sure where to start? Emerald Companies can walk you through the process and what your lawn would need to kick those weeds to the curb…for good. Call (320) 251-5296 for more information.