Benefits of using C20


Increases Soil Microbial Activity


Decreases Soil Compaction


Increases Water Retention


Enhances Root Growth & Proliferation


Increases Chlorophyll Production


Increases Photosynthesis


Improves Survival Rate of New Plantings


Consistent Formulation


Predictable Results


Multi-Year Performance

No Heavy Aeration equipment to damage property

No messy, muddy soil plugs tracked in on the floors

No broken irrigation heads

No damaged gates or invisible dog fences

We also offer for the traditional way of aerating your soil

Welcome to Emerald Companies, Inc.

On paper, Emerald Companies is a landscape maintenance firm. In practice, we are Central Minnesota’s one-stop shop for all our resident and commercial customers’ lawn care and landscape maintenance needs.

Our customers choose us because we do not cut corners when it comes to quality or service, and they know that they get what they pay for. At Emerald, we use higher quality, longer lasting fertilizer that enhances the plants’ health, and our diligent and delicate approach to lawn and landscape care ensures a beautiful property year-around and the highest customer satisfaction.

In short, our customers hire us and stay with us because we ensure healthy plants and grasses that ultimately require less maintenance because of the up-front attention.

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Services We Provide

We use higher quality, longer lasting products that ensure healthier plants and lawns, a more sustainable property and higher customer satisfaction. Our expertise spans all areas of lawn care and landscape maintenance.

General Lawn Services


Spring Cleanup


Weekly Lawn Care




Landscape Maintenance

Snow Removal Services


Commercial Snow Plowing


Residential Snow Plowing


Snow Anti-Icing



Lighting Services


Christmas Lighting


Holiday Lighting


Special Events Lighting

What Our Clients Say

Looks great.

Looks great. The two guys you have doing it are doing a great job. Like them very much.

Jim Illies, Sr.
INH Properties

They were nice and courteous.

Your men did a good job all summer. They were nice and courteous. I was impress how steady they work. Thanks for doing such a good job for us.


Thank you for the prompt reply

Thank you for the prompt reply. As I said yesterday, you were the only lawn care person that didn't try to sell me things we did not need. Thank you.


Thanks again for the good service.

Your crew did a GREAT job of removing the trees at my brother’s house! Thanks again for the good service.

Cindy Niess
Leighton Broadcasting

Expertise in Lawn Care and Maintenance

Lawn Care Program

I would like to invite you to try our lawn care program, It really is the best for the environment and your lawn. Our program focuses on developing roots by creating an environment where grass can thrive and be fed.

We do this by first using a Controlled Release Nitrogen rather than Urea because Controlled Release Nitrogen has a 2.4 salt index compared to Urea at 74. Controlled Release Nitrogen stays in the root zone to feed the plants around it and it doesn’t leach or volatize like Urea. You will also find that because it releases slowly and more uniform that you don’t have to mow as often or irrigate as much as other fertilizer applications.

Since all plants need at least 17 key nutrients we add soil amendments to our program to improve microbial activity which improves the release of all the key nutrients required to keep your lawn healthy.

Our weed control program is also more environmentally friendly, requiring only half the herbicide per application because it has a better carrier to get the chemical into the weed better, providing for a better kill.

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